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 2014-15 Science Olympiad Membership Form

 In order to comply with many of the new payments systems in school districts we have changed the look of our Membership Form.  Many people believe that you are paying for competing, which is not true.  You are actually obtaining a membership to Science Olympiad which entitles you to receive a manual, insurance coverage for the students at any sanctioned event, invitations to compete at the regional level, the state level (if you qualify) and the national level (if you qualify).  This new form will designate the time period the membership is active as well as some new payment models (ACH, Credit Card and PayPal) for school districts who wish to utilize a model different from check writing. The form is a PDF and can be completed electronically then printed or if desired submitted with electronic payment.  It can found in the left sidebar or by clicking here...  (There may be issues using Chrome, please try IE or FireFox)

 2014-15 Science Olympiad Update Announcement

As promised, we are ready to disclose many new items, including some exciting news about our new state tournament location.  We are very excited and fortunate to have Westminster College hosting both our Coaches Workshop and State Tournament on their very beautiful and historic campus.   The move to this campus affords us the access to the majority of their rooms on campus, their spacious auditorium, wonderful open areas such as football fields, soccer field, practice fields and large open yard areas.  We also have access to 2 full size auditoriums.  This campus is located just 25 minutes east of Columbia and about the same distance from Jefferson City.  

There are many hotel options in Fulton, Kingdom City, Jefferson City, and Columbia.  Because of the well-kept secret of Westminster’s beauty and fabulous college, we will not have to compete for rooms or spaces and with the smaller campus the students will not have to go as far for the changing of rooms during competition.  Their newer Science Center is truly a great site to see.  Very large and spacious labs with great working lab areas. 

Our date for the workshop is October 18th.  For all coaches that are attending the clinic, you will be able to tour the campus and get a feel for the type of venue we have for state.   For those unable to make it to the workshop, we will be posting some pictures this year to go with events so that you will know the type of room we are holding some events in.  Register for the workshop here...

Our date for State is April 18th.  The college administration, the professors, and the students are all very excited about having this venue on campus and vow to make this a very memorable and pleasant transition for our organization to a new campus.  The Board of Directors and I are extremely excited about the opportunities that moving to Westminster College present to us and encourage you to look at their website and look around at the coaches workshop this year.

1.      A reminder to all, e-mail is the best way to contact the state office at   As I am not a school teacher, my hours as a nurse vary greatly and sometimes I do not get home until after many of you are in bed, and I usually leave the house before many of you get up so phone communication is difficult at best.  For those of you who choose to fax, I have a digital fax and even though you hear the answering machine, it will flip over to the fax when it hears your “handshake” on the other end.

I wish you great luck for the upcoming school year and Science Olympiad season!


Patty Palmietto, State Director

Missouri Science Olympiad


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